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>>Product List>>Wool pad &Polishing Bonnet ISO9001:2000

Lambskin Polishing Bonnet:We produce all kinds of specifications products according to customers requests, the sheepskin material come from Austalian and New Zealand sheep
Wool Buffing Pad:the wool content is 100%


Material: Lambskin Material: Lambskin
ZB-MQ01 Lambskin wool Bonnet ZB-MQ02 Velcro Lambskin Wool pad
Material: 100% wool Material: 100% wool
ZB-MQ03 3M Wool Buffing Pad ZB-MQ04  Polishing Pad
Material:100% wool Material:100% wool
ZB-MQ05 Wavy Polishing Pad ZB-MQ06   plane Wool Pad
Material: 100% wool + sponge Material: Fabrics like wool
ZB-MQ07  Japanese Wool Buffing Pad  ZB-MQ08 Velcro Buffing Pad
ZB-MQ09 Car Buffing Pad ZB-MQ10 Double Side Wool Pad
Material: 4-Ply twisted wool yarn Material: single wool yarn
ZB-MQ11 Double-sided Wool Pad ZB-MQ12 Wool Buffing Pads

Technique of production:
Two kinds: one is resin wool polishing ball,by use flocking machine to plant 100% wool yarn on the fabric,after molding,high temperature and pressing to make it; the other is sheepskin wool polishing pad, the material is sheepskin from Australia and New Zealand,by ironing,cutting,cup seaming,sticking to make it .
  • To make the goods clean and bright
  • Can throw the small scratch, to make the goods like new after polishing
  • To use with polishing liquid,polishing paste,polishing powder at the same time to reach better effect
  • Use:
  • To polish glass,fiber reinforced plastic
  • To polish stainless steel,plastic outer of covering
  • Family private polishing, automobile polishing, automobile maintenance, cosmetology
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